Preach the Word 2013 - Day 2 Recap

Here is the wrap of what took place on day 2 of the Acts 29 Preach the Word Conference. Tony Merida

Textual Preaching: Preaching the Text

Tony Merida is the founding pastor of Imago Dei Church. He also serves as Associate Professor of Preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written two books — Orphanology and Faithful Preaching, as well as numerous articles. Tony has a Ph.D. in Preaching and a masters of theology from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and a bachelors degree in education from the University of the Cumberlands, where he played baseball. Tony and his wife, Kimberly, have five children.

"Preaching is not the same as teaching.  Preaching is evangelistic.  Preaching is exaltation.  Preaching is worship."

"The word should lead us to the pulpit, the pulpit should not lead us to the word."

"You show what you believe about the Bible by how you use the Bible."

Harvey Turner

Gospel Centered Preaching: Preaching To Christians & NonChristians

Harvey Turner is the founding and preaching pastor of Living Stones Churches based Reno, Nevada, with locations in Northern Nevada & Northern California. Harvey has studied at Multnomah University, Western Seminary, and received his Masters in Missional Leadership at the Resurgence Training Center in Seattle, Washington. Harvey also serves as the Regional Director for the West Region of Acts 29, which oversees church planting in Nevada, California, and Hawaii for the Acts 29 Network. Harvey and his wife, Rachael, have three children.

"The Spirit is all about magnifying Jesus.  If you do something else, there is no guarantee he is going with you."

"Jesus did not come to call the righteous. Churches are not called to the righteous, but the lost."

"Your job in preaching is to walk the bride down the aisle to Jesus."

Justin Anderson

Good Preaching: Execution, Delivery, Pragmatics

Justin and his wife Emilie Anderson have been married for 7 years and have three children, Lily, Cole and Penny. Before moving to San Francisco, Justin planted Praxis Church in 2004. Since then the church has multiplied to two campuses and merged with two other churches to form Redemption Church. Justin has successfully transitioned Redemption to the next generation of leaders. Redemption SF is the next chapter in his life-long desire to help people meet Jesus and live the transformed life that only the Gospel can bring.

"If an athlete will beat his body for a perishable wreath, preachers should beat themselves and work hard at their gift. "

"Preaching is a tool to help people understand the gospel, stir their affections for Jesus and move people on mission."

"Fill your brain and heart with things that are worthwhile."