Women's Conference "Liberate" Recap


The women of Living Stones were blessed to have Rachael Turner and Grace Driscoll speak to them during our Women's "Liberate" Conference. Here are some of the highlights from the day.

Session 1

Relationship with God 

"The Gospel brings life. It brings renewal. it is alive and moving. It changes you."

"Lots of things will try to fill that hole in your heart but nothing can fill that besides the love of God."

"If Jesus stops loving you then he ceases to be God and that ain't ever gonna happen."

Session 2

Relationships with Men

"As wives we help our husbands fight their battle or blow holes in their armor before they even leave the house."

" Single ladies, you are not looking for your other half. If you have Christ you are whole in Him. He is all you need."

"Sex is like a fire. It is good in a fire place, but it causes damage and destruction if it isn't in it's proper place. Lets say your house."

Session 3

Relationships with Women

"We have to be careful when we admire a friend. If we start to idolize someone then we will also start to demonize them because they will never live up to those expectations."

"Sometimes friendships are for but a season. We need to be thankful to God for bring those friendships into out lives for that period of time."

" Faithful are the wounds of a friend. You will go through the fire but God will refine you in that."