20 Practical Ways for Men to Lead their Home


20 Practical Ways For Men to Lead Their Home

  1. Be present - put down the phone or the remote. Leave work at work and be with your family.
  2. Eat as many meals with your family as possible - Meals are not only a place to satisfy hunger, they are a place to build relationship.
  3. Serve your wife by helping with household chores - Ask her what she wants you do to around the house and find a way to get it done.
  4. Read the Bible and talk about how it has impacted your heart - Your wife and kids need to see how the Bible is impacting you more than they you to preach at them.
  5. Serve at the church - Jesus served and told us to do likewise. This will teach your family what it means to follow Jesus.
  6. Take your wife on a date a few times a month - Be creative. It doesn’t always have to cost money, but your wife needs that one on one time.
  7. Devote one day of the week to relaxing and hanging with the fam. - This is the Biblical idea of sabbath. It means we can rest because God reigns.
  8. Make church a priority - Jesus gave his entire life for the church.  The church is like a greenhouse for spiritual growth.
  9. Say sorry and ask for forgiveness when you’re wrong - You’re not perfect and will make a lot mistakes. If you do this, your family will follow your lead.
  10.  Have Daddy dates with your kids - You will likely spend a majority of time at work so it is imperative for you to get individual time with your kids so they feel valued.
  11.  Plan 1-2 family vacations a year - These don’t have to be extravagant or expensive. Intentional time away from home creates lifelong memories.
  12.  Be the king of fun - Teach your family to laugh and be silly. Having fun is good for the soul.
  13.  Live in community - Build real friendships with other people. God intends for us to live in community. This will show your family that you care about others.
  14.  Take responsibility for the finances - This doesn’t mean you have to do them, but it does mean you have to care. Work together with your wife to make the plan that works for your family.
  15.  Say I love you in as many ways as you can as much as you can - The deepest longing of the human soul is to know that you’re loved.  Show your family this.
  16.  Talk about Jesus a lot - Jesus died and rose again to be your Lord and Friend every day, not just Sundays. Talk about how he is impacting you on the daily.
  17.  Be generous to people in need and take your kids with you - Generosity stimulates generosity. If you want your family to not be greedy, show them what it looks like to be generous.  Explain why you are helping people in need.
  18.  Be hospitable - Jesus welcomes us into his kingdom. Make your house a place where that demonstrates the open arms of God. You might have to put some work into your house to make that possible.
  19.  Be quick to forgive - Lack of forgiveness always produces bitterness. Bitterness always causes division. Take initiative in forgiving your wife and kids.
  20.  Watch the kids and give your wife some time out of the house - Being a mom is hard. Give her some time away to get refreshed. If you can create a small budget for her to get a coffee or go shopping while she is out. This will maker her feel valued.
MissionKyle Bateson