Holy Week, Tuesday



by Pastor Fred Kingman of the Carson Church

Tuesday sealed Jesus’ fate.   On that day, for various motivations, every layer of religious leadership approached Jesus to question him.  Every one of them was left speechless and provoked, except one scribe.  And after this one last confrontation with the men who would kill him, he turned his focus to his disciples. He no longer engaged the crowd or the Jew or the Pharisee before his arrest, but the men closest to him.  He taught them what is to come at the closing of the age, to stand guard against false teaching, to expect suffering, but also to expect his return.

Morning Reading


Mark 11:20-12:40

Morning Prayer:

Father of truth, prepare me to meet Your Son at the cross.  As today on Holy Tuesday, when religious men tested your Son to accuse Him, let me by grace be found blameless, as Your Son was blameless.  Make me not the tenant, who loved what is not his, nor the Herodian who loved power, nor the Sadducee who loved personal understanding of scripture, nor the scribe who loved position.  Make me a lover of your Son Jesus.  Prepare me to behold the cross, and see in it all these alternate realities of my life ending as one Man’s life ends.  Bury my many hearts of sin with your Son and by grace make me what I’m not yet.

Evening Reading


Mark 12:41-13:37

Evening Prayer:

Father of judgment, prepare me to meet your Son at the cross.  I know when your wrath comes no other shelter can weather that storm.  Keep me on guard as the day approaches, as men deceive and preach false gospel.  Help me to look upon my due wrath being poured out on your Son and know I am secure, regardless of calamity.  Keep my eyes slanted skyward, my mind bent heavenward and my heart pounding Jesus-toward.  Teach me the lesson of the fig tree that the end is always near, everything counts and I need to stay awake.  Wake me Father, by grace, I pray in the name of your suffering, and soon to be glorified, Son, Jesus.  Amen.