Not A Project


The reason why we sometimes fail in evangelism is because people can detect that we perceive them more as a project than a person. This is true in the context of both preaching and one on one. They perceive we have an agenda that doesn't have anything to do with them, but just something to get out of them or something to get them to do. Our job is to communicate the news of the Gospel, the news of a perfect Savior who died in the place of sinners, for the sin of sinners and who is resurrected from the dead and will one day return. Our job is to tell them this news and as we do it, the Apostle Paul gives us insight as to how this is to be communicated. Colossians 4:6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.

He gives three concepts

1) Be Gracious

2) Be Interesting

3) Be Interested

"Communicate the Gospel of Grace with the Grace that you have received from God and the Grace that will be required for them to receive your words."

Communicate the Gospel of Grace with the Grace that you have received from God and the Grace that will be required for them to receive your words. Be kind, be friendly. Don't get frustrated if they argue, don't get angry if they don't believe. If they have real questions about Christianity, see it as an opportunity to instruct and not an argument to deconstruct. God will use their contentions with Christianity and the Gospel to be the very things to convert them to the Gospel. So be gracious. Paul also instructs us that our speech should be seasoned with salt, there should some flavor in your conversation. We use salt on food to bring out the flavor of the food, and so we use salt within our gospel conversations to bring out the flavor of the Gospel. Be yourself, let your personality come out. If you're smart, use your intellect, humbly. If you're winsome, use that to Gospel advantage. If you're funny, use humor. If you're not funny, don't use humor.

The third thing Paul instructs us to do; is to answer each person. Everybody is different. Each person has different questions, different issues, different struggles, and if we go to them with a canned gospel presentation they're going to be able to see right through it. Be interested in them and let the Holy Spirit open the doors as to how you'll talk about the Gospel. Be sure that it is The Gospel that you are talking about. Get them to Jesus. Answer their questions, talk about their issues, but keep getting them to Jesus. Get them to Jesus in a way that respects who they are. Basically, talk to people about the Gospel in a way that honors their personhood They are not a project.

MissionHarvey Turner