Picture Your Ministry as a Bowl of Soup


As a young pastor and church planter, I know what it’s like to get an idea in my mind and not turn it loose for anything. I think about it, talk about it, pray about it, read about it again and again, and weigh out the "could be’s," "would be’s," and "should be’s" if this idea actually materialized before my eyes.


Without the person and work of the Holy Spirit this kind of thing can quickly turn from a God-honoring thought to idolatry. As the saying goes, “Idolatry is nothing more than making a good thing into a God-thing, and that’s a bad thing.” When I elevate my plans or ideas above God, I’m no longer “sober-minded.”

I also know what it feels like to run at 10,000 RPMs and have no oil (prayer, meditation, personal Bible study) in the machine and run into burnout, depression, frustration, and selfishness. When that happens, I’m no longer “sober-minded.”

Take a few minutes and lay what you have today at the feet of Jesus.

So, there’s a lot on the line—many people are looking to shepherds to lead well and remain sober-minded while also proclaiming the Good News, fulfilling our ministry, and enduring suffering.


Picture your ministry as a bowl of soup. Everything going into it is intended to feed the sheep and bring a pleasing aroma to the Father. Preaching, small groups, care ministries, missional engagement, student ministry, kids, nursery, and on and on are the ingredients.

Biblically-grounded, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled leaders are seeking to vigorously stir the bowl and not carelessly spill it due to excitement, depression, or anything else going on in the day-to-day ministry.

Be encouraged, take a few minutes and lay what you have today at the feet of Jesus and allow him to motivate, love, correct, and strengthen you to fulfill your ministry.

MissionAlex Early