Purpose of Life


Have you ever asked questions like, “Why am I alive?” Or “What’s the purpose of my life?” If so you are asking questions that have plagued humanity for thousands of years.

Our purpose

The Bible is clear that the purpose of humanity is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  To glorify God is to reveal his splendor and majesty with your actions.  This is the definition of worship. The purpose of our life is to worship God at all times, in all that we do with all of our being. Whether its eating pizza, drinking cool-aid, singing in the shower, enduring suffering, obeying commandments, or whatever, we are to do it in such a way that will reveal the crazy-awesome, crazy-beautiful splendor of God. It is only in doing so, that we will ever enjoy God, and it is only in doing so that we will ever be satisfied with life.

Our Failure

"Like shining a light into a bucket of mud we try to glorify things that are incapable of producing any eternal splendor."

But we are faced with a problem because life is brutal and like a drink of warm sink water, it is less than satisfying.  Why? It is not because we suck at worshipping.  Rather it is because we are great at worshipping things that were never meant to be worshipped.  Like shining a light into a bucket of mud we try to glorify things that are incapable of producing any eternal splendor. When we give our lives to our kids, our careers, our possessions and our friends, or to the pursuit of love, thrill, approval, and security, we will always come up empty handed, with no lasting satisfaction.

God’s Mission

But God, being rich in mercy, took it upon his shoulders to solve our problem.  He saw our glorification of shabby and disgraceful things and he recognized our failure to reveal his majesty that doomed us to eternal misery. So he decided to reveal his splendor to us and for us, by sending his son Jesus to earth.  Like an illustration, God sent Jesus on a mission to be the tangible expression of his divine reality. God sent Jesus on a mission to radiate his glory.  God sent Jesus on a mission to fulfill and restore our life’s purpose.

Because our failure to glorify God is an eternal crime, Jesus living a life that perfectly showed the majesty of God, was not enough. If, Jesus was to fully restore our purpose to glorify God and enjoy him forever, he also had to pay the penalty for our crime by bearing an eternal punishment.  But since he is God, and eternal, he was the only person who has ever been qualified to satisfy such a punishment.  And that’s exactly what he did.  Dedicated to fulfill his mission, Jesus lived as a substitute and died a horrific and bloody death as a substitute for anyone that would follow him, in faith.  It is only through Jesus that we can glorify God end enjoy him forever.

Our Mission 

But wait, there’s more! Since God glorified himself by sending Jesus, it is only right that we also glorify God by magnifying Jesus, not only for ourselves, but for the whole world to see. As followers of Jesus, we join in his mission. God is still on a mission to restore worship in people that have yet to see his majesty. He has chosen us to be like a flashlight in the dark world of our family, neighborhood, workplace, and among our friends. Why? Because unlike the bucket of mud, Jesus is like a beautiful diamond.  When we shine light on him, his majesty is displayed causing all that see him to marvel.  Our job is to shine the light. His job is to make people marvel.  So may we fulfill our purpose by glorifying Jesus, and may we glorify Jesus by joining his mission.

MissionKyle Bateson