Rest Let’s take a quick physiology quiz.

Q: When does a muscle grow? A: When it rests after it has been worked out.

During this period of rest the muscle, which has been torn down from the workload it has carried, is repaired and strengthened.  Without rest the muscle is prone to reduced function, chronic fatigue, and injury.


The Living Stones Reno elders want your faith in Christ to grow like muscles, and we believe that our church-wide community group break will foster this.

Our faith in Christ is not relegated to community groups, but it is cultivated in them.  Just as a muscle needs to be worked out for there to be positive change, faith is challenged and exercised through relationship with others.  Yet because of the weight of our sin and pain, the intensity of the theological truth we discuss, and the burden that can come from meeting weekly, community groups put a strain on those leading.  If left unchecked this leads to impatience, weariness, and even burnout.

This time off is meant to recalibrate our personal devotional lives, to reflect on past service to others, and to gain new perspective, vision, and energy for the return to the ministry battle.  If this happens, we will come back stronger than before.

So here are some helpful tips for this time of rest:

1) Read the Psalms.  They are prayers from every emotional state, and it is scary how often the psalmists' put our thoughts into words (focus on Ps. 42, Ps. 1, Ps. 117, Ps. 62). 2) Spend time in silence and solitude.  Pray that God would speak to you and nourish your soul (Ps. 46:10). 3) Enjoy your freedom in Christ.  If you feel guilty because you’re not accomplishing anything productive, remember that even God rested (Gen. 2:1-3).  You can too.

When we resume our weekly community group gatherings, we hope that there will be

1) the attitude that we get to meet in community groups, not that we have to 2) unadulterated joy in reading the Bible 3) fresh excitement to serve others 4) a sense of direction for both yourself and the community group 5) a passion (whether new or renewed) to lead

The elders of our church have been praying for you, and by God’s grace we will enter the fall with a rejuvenated passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Now grow, little faith muscles, grow.