Sowing and Reaping


Do you ever consider that other people reap what you sow into their lives as well? Consider the fact that every moment you pray for, encourage, spend time with, challenge, and correct other Christians you're not only investing in the person directly in front of you, but also in every person that they turn around and influence (especially their spouses and children).


I recently gave a lecture on systematic theology called “God as King in the Post-Modern Context.” So, rather than simply get in my car, drive by myself, teach by myself, answer questions by myself, and then drive home by myself—I chose to invite two of my interns to come along with me.

They both love theology and are headed into the ministry, so I figured they would enjoy this evening. However, there’s more. The drive was a one and a half hour commute... both ways. That’s what I was most interested in. This was not time to be wasted. This was time that could be redeemed with the tiniest bit of intentionality. They had questions, ideas, new discoveries, problems, and issues like every other man in the world and needed an older brother to bounce things off of.

I have come to realize that these two young men, in just 10 years, will be as old as me. Married just like me. With children just like me. It is those future relationships that I’m ultimately investing in. Those ladies that marry these men will be reaping. Their children will be reaping. Their co-workers will be reaping. Their friends will be reaping.

By investing in the character of these young men and sowing gospel-centered manhood into their lives, I’m praying that they will reap righteousness later. Of course, this meant sharing some of my mistakes and short-comings as well as some of the wise decisions and victories I’ve had along the way.


You see, that day was a sowing day for me. I care how Steven will talk to his wife 10 years from now when he’s all done with school and lecturing in a local seminary. I care about how Ryan will treat his baby boy when he comes in after a long day of church-planting. I care whether or not these men take their theology and actually put shoe-leather on it. I care whether their theology is summed up on a piece paper hanging on a wall or in their lifestyle.

By investing in the character of these young men and sowing gospel-centered manhood into their lives, I’m praying they'll reap righteousness later.

So that night was simply a means of sowing good seeds on good ground so that their wives, babies, and grand-babies will love, serve, and know Jesus. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of God stands forever.


  • Redeem your commute time everyday. Call someone from your church and check in on them, pray with them, and see what they might need.
  • If your spouse is having a friend over, go out and hang with one of yours.
  • A simple text message sometimes can go a long way, so send one.
  • If you’re working on something around the house and could use a hand, call one of your friends and ask for a lift.
  • You’re going to eat at least 21 meals this week. Eat at least one of them with some gospel-intentionally like your big brother, Jesus.