The Gospel and Sex


Join us this Sunday at 9a, 11a or 6p for the launch of our latest series, "The Doctrine of Sex." Over the course of the next eight weeks we'll be looking at what Scripture has to say about sex, marriage, dating, homosexuality, gender and more. Below is an excerpt from the Discipleship Guide of our upcoming series. The primary characteristic of Christianity is not a sexual ethic but the Gospel: that God became a human, saved us through a bloody cross and left behind an empty tomb. Every point drives toward and flows from this Gospel.

From the Gospel comes a new perspective on life, including our corporate and individual sexual ethic. We no longer adhere to culture’s perspective or the natural inclinations of the heart as the sexual authority. God’s Word shows us the purpose and design for his creation of sex, marriage, and sexuality.

However, we often make the mistake of teaching this purpose and design without first introducing people to the Gospel that transforms and informs our perspective on these issues.

I would not believe in the Christian sexual ethic without the Gospel. It’s not that I disagree with with this perspective, but rather that I would never arrive at it on my own. From God’s perspective the sexual ethic laid out in the Bible is truth, but from the man’s natural perspective without the transforming work of the Holy Spirit it is a denial of what we think to be true. 

As such, I don't believe that it is our mission to ask people to change who they “sleep with” until they change who they “stand with.” If they stand with Christ and his Gospel, then who they sleep with and ultimately, how they see themselves will change. The "Doctrine of Sex" series will explore a Gospel centered sexuality for the church in the 21st-century. As we move forward may we do so with wisdom and grace in an ever increasing sexually confused and diverse culture.

May we resist the temptation to transform sexual behaviors without first transforming hearts. And may we resist the temptation to conform to the sexual ethics of our culture and world. May Scripture alone be our authority and guide to sexual ethics.

Grace and Peace, Pastor Harvey

MissionHarvey Turner