The Lamb


From Pastor Alex's sermon:

Once upon a time, God had a Lamb whom he loved with all of his heart. This Lamb was God’s delight. This Lamb was totally spotless and completely innocent. This Lamb warmed God’s heart. This Lamb even called God, ‘Abba.’ This Lamb was like God, for he was God. God would hold this Lamb in his arms and the Lamb would hold God in his. This Lamb was meek and lowly of heart. This Lamb was unlike every other lamb, for this Lamb needed no shepherd, no protection, no provision. This Lamb wasn’t afraid of wolves. Nobody had ever seen a Lamb like this before. This was God’s Lamb.

The Bible says that one day, after seeing his people hurting and suffering for so long, the only way take their pain away would cost God his most prized possession - His only Lamb.

So, John says, God gave his only LAMB, not to be cared for, loved, adored, cherished, protected, and praised. No. God gave his Lamb to criminals. God gave his Lamb to abusers. God gave his only Lamb to mockers. God’s Lamb was captured by a mob. And the mob spit on God’s Lamb and had his beard pulled from the Lamb’s face. They called the Lamb names. And then they kicked Lamb down the streets of Jerusalem right in front of his face.

On good Friday, one man kicked the Lamb so hard that he couldn’t walk up the hill anymore. Somebody else scooped up and carried God’s Lamb up a dirty hill.

And at the top of that hill that morning, they nailed God’s Lamb on a cross.

And God saw his precious Lamb bleeding and nobody came to help his Lamb. And then his Lamb prayed and said, “Please forgive them. If you will, they can become little lambs and our family will grow.”

And so God did and watched his only Lamb die.

Then someone came and took his Lamb and buried him.


On Sunday morning, the Lamb was alive again!

And so, God’s Lamb took away the sin of the mob known as “the world.”

Because God gave his Lamb, we are now God’s sheep.

God takes away the sins of the world.  "Messiah" is not a Jewish man’s lamb being offered up for his family. The Messiah is GOD’S LAMB OFFERED UP TO TAKE AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD.


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