'Tis the Season


‘Tis the season to be missional!  The bottom line is that people who would not normally go to church are more open to attending church on Christmas and Easter.  This is a line we should walk, by stepping up our evangelistic game and inviting our friends, neighbors, family, etc. to our Christmas Eve service.  It’s not a big stretch to hand someone a 3x5 card and pray that they would come.  Let me demonstrate...  

You- “Hey ______, do you have any plans for Christmas Eve?”

Them- “Not really, just hanging out with family, dinner, regular stuff.”

You- “Cool, if you’d like we have a Christmas Eve service at 3pm.  Bring the family.  Should be a good time.  Here’s an invite with some more information.”

Them- “Maybe, I’ll have to see how the day goes”

You- “Alright, It’d be great to see you there but if not have a Merry Christmas”

Them- “Thanks”

30 seconds of your time could change someones life!

Other ideas-

My wife slaved in the kitchen making home made cookies and treats, plated them up, taped an invite on it with a bow and me and my boys took them to all the homes in our cul-de-sac.  I know, she does all the work, I get all the credit.  Now if you’re not up for “slaving” in the kitchen then go buy some treats and some red plates and do the same.  It was amazing to see the gratitude from each of my neighbors as we said, “Merry Christmas!” and invited them to service.

Facebook is where quite a few people connect.  In fact, 65 million Facebook users are liking things on a daily basis through Facebook. We have a way you can invite all your “Facebook official” friends:

Click HERE, go to the top left and “join” which then gives you the option to invite friends.  For those that aren’t on Facebook, you can e-mail them this link,  which has some info about service times, location, etc.

Our commitment to you is that as a church we will do our best to create an inviting atmosphere, have quality engaging worship and proclaim the Gospel.  We are asking for you to commit to doing your best at being missional, handing out invites, and praying to God for souls to be saved.

Remember! No Sunday Services this week!  See you at the Reno Ballroom, Saturday, at 3pm!

Merry Christmas!

MissionLiving Stones Church