What is Our Priority? …gospel-centered contextual mission


What is the key priority of Living Stones? What is the guiding concern behind our mission, vision, and strategies? Read below for more on Living Stones guiding priority to our ministry: Gospel Centered - The gospel is the center of all we do

Biblical - The exposure of and submission to the Bible is the core of our ministry

Contextual - Our ministry meets culture where its at

Mission - We exist for the movement of the gospel on earth.

Gospel Centered & Biblical - This means we see the gospel of Jesus Christ as the center of the life, the ministries, the identity of the disciples, and the mission of the church. We are Bible-based which leads us to be gospel-centered. We teach through the word of God from Genesis to Revelation with the Gospel as the central narrative to the word of the Church.

Contextual - We are doing gospel centered ministry in a way that fits the context in which we find ourselves, we seek to communicate the gospel to Reno. We will never adjust the message of the Gospel, but we will be constantly be adjusting the methods that we preach the gospel in an attempt to minister to the context that surrounds us.

Mission - We will always prioritize the mission of God. We see the church as a movement primarily and not and institution. Although there are elements of an institution within the church, we do not exist for the institution. We exist for the movement of the gospel on earth.

What does it mean that we prioritize gospel-centered contextual mission? 

Gospel centered contextual mission trumps everything else; it is how we see the world and it is the grid through which we make decisions.



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