Who Do We Serve? …in the city, for the city


Above is a talk I did for Tedx at UNR last year on the topic of being In the City, for the City. Below is how we live this out at Living Stones...

We serve the city of Reno, our mission to be in the city, for the city means that we exist to see God’s kingdom influence. We are a church that exists for our city, not ourselves. Below are some statistics on the city of Reno followed by the idols we see present in our city...

People of Reno:

  • Reno Proper Population: 236,995
  • Reno Metro Population: 425,417
  • Washoe County Population: 433,731
  • 2033 Projected Population: 573,220

Religions of Reno:

  • Religious Affiliation (2010):
  • None: 70.5% 296,901
  • Catholic: 14.4% 60,509
  • Evangelical Protestant: 7.7% 32,557 (Includes LDS, UPC, and JW)
  • Other 5.2% 21,728
  • Mainline Protestant 1.9% 1,028
  • Black Protestant .2% 1,028
  • Orthodox .1% 490

Idols of Reno:

  • Individualistic
  • Live to Play
  • Sexually Broken & Deviant
  • God without Church
  • Paganism


To be in the city, for the city means that we exist to see God’s kingdom come to the city. We are not a church that exists for ourselves, we exist for our city.

This expresses itself in three primary ways that we in the city, for the city:

  1. Physically: Being in the city, for the city physically means that we are here and looking for ways to bring positive physical impact through our location, vocation and compassion. This will include being good neighbors, great business owners, employees, and meeting the needs of the broken and disenfranchised. This means that we will seek to bring social justice and mercy to both the systemic and individual injustices as well as meeting the needs of the less fortunate. We see this as direct obedience to both the Great Mandate and the Great Commandment.
  1. Culturally: Since the Great Mandate commands that we cultivate the resources given to us on Earth, we also seek to be in the city, for the city culturally. This means we will continually seek to make a positive impact on our city for the purpose of human flourishing through investment in the arts, schools, and recreation for the purpose of bringing God’s beauty to broken places and cultivating what is wild.
  1. Spiritually: We are in the city, for the city spiritually through the ministries of the church listed above under “Why do We Exist?” We primarily do this by preaching the Gospel of Christ in our city. The primary ministry of the church is gospel proclamation to believers and unbelievers, we are doing this in the city by our presence and our preaching.
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