Ash Wednesday at Living Stones


Living Stones Ash Wednesday 2016 services at Living Stones Reno & Sparks at 6p In one week, we’ll be gathering together as a church for Ash Wednesday (February 10)

Ash Wednesday is a time to reflect on our own mortality and corporately confess our sin as we repent and turn to Jesus. Our gathering will be a time of prayer and singing along with a short sermon and time of response.

With its culmination in the celebration of Easter, Lent is kicked off by Ash Wednesday. Both Ash Wednesday and Lent are not found within the Scripture, so we see this not as something that we have to observe but get to observe. The Lenten season has become a useful tradition of the church to yearly reflect on the realities of our sin, mortality, and the hope of the Gospel as a church.

Some in our church may choose to fast from certain foods, activities, or media during this season to prepare themselves for Easter. Because this is not a Scriptural issue, fast or do not fast in whatever way you feel will be most beneficial for you in these coming months.

As Reformed Christians, we must keep before us that the history of the church stretches back 2000 years and not just 500 to the time of the Reformation. The intent of the reformers was to reform (or change) the church of their day, not to branch out and start a new one. As we participate in lent we recognize our part in the history of the church and its worldwide nature as we dedicate ourselves to personal devotion and discipleship.

For more information on Lent and why it matters check out the Gospel Coalition's short blog: Why bother with Lent?