Holy Week - Introduction


This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the day we begin Holy Week and the march towards Easter by celebrating Jesus Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. Throughout Church history, God’s people have set aside the seven days leading up to Easter to remember the week that secured our salvation. This year, Living Stones will be entering into this tradition by hosting short prayer and devotionals Monday through Thursday, these pastor-led devotionals are meant to be a practical and simple way for us to make an intentional effort to prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. These devotionals will be held at 7-7:30a and 5:30-6p in the Gallery at the Reno Church.

Along with the devotional classes, we’ll also be posting blogs to serve as another resource for your to review either during the day or if you are unable to join us for the devotionals.

These devotional gatherings and blogs will build up through the week to Good Friday when we remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, the penalty of our sin, and the need for reconciliation with God. Services will be held at 5p & 7p.

But Holy Week doesn’t end there, it builds and finds its culmination in the Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Join us for the celebration of the defeat of death and the victory of God. We will have services at 8:30a, 10a, 11:30a, 5p, 6:30p