What's in a Name? - Joy Under the Sun



The book of Philippians, simply put, is about joy in Christ. The Apostle Paul, who wrote the book of Philippians, is brimming with positivity and joy that is rooted in deep faith in the gospel... all from a Roman prison. The Apostle Paul is writing to the Philippian christians and by extension to us to teach us how to have the perspective of Heaven while we live on Earth.


In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author (“the Teacher”) uses the phrase “under the sun” around 30 times in a variety of ways, all pointing the the vanity of a life without God. That no matter how hard we work, how much wisdom we acquire, or wealth we obtain all of these things will ultimately be gone when our day of death comes.


We find in a letter written around 1,000 years later the Apostle Paul’s answer to the Teacher’s nihilistic worldview: that everything under the sun is vanity, but a life lived in light of the gospel, a life that builds itself on the Kingdom of Heaven, is where we as humans are able to find the most joy in our lives. Our hope over the next thirteen weeks is that we will be able to sit alongside the church in Phillipi and find joy under the sun.


At Living Stones, we believe that one of the vital elements of each disciples life is spending time in Scripture for themselves and within community. This is the heart behind our discipleship guide: to provide you with the tools to develop your study of Scripture and discussion within community among other believers.